Romualda Diaz Manfrini was born and raised in Philadelphia. She is a first generation Filipino-American. Her early reverence for the beauty and mystery of this world was first expressed through spontaneous oil pastels, water colors or acrylics, then eventually to paint on canvas and now the dreaded cell phone. Continuing down a creative path, Romualda studied art at the University of the Arts then finished at Drexel University in 2003.

In 2005, she moved to Maisons-Alfort, France just outside of Paris where she continued to paint and photograph with a borrowed 35mm. Romualda’s paintings and photography maintain an element of the banal while simultaneously examining the complexity of the human lack of experience. Much of her work is inspired by an exploration of her own personal life.

When she is not glued to the computer or in the painting studio, Romualda can be found covered in toddler food and racing to all corners of the city for her children, searching for her lost keys and enjoying the wonders of the life regardless of fatigue.